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26 March 2010 @ 03:48 pm
roflol long time no see..  
I suck at updating this! I use blogger too much.

It seems that everytime I come to update, I'm in a different fandom. This time is no different. I have recently discovered the absolute awesomeness that is Lord of the Rings and lotrips. So, that is what I've been hanging around with for the past month xD

Life is going really great still! It's actually the first day of my Spring Break yaaay ^_^ I'm still best friends with the people I was in August. That has got to be a first (without fights, split ups, drama in general, etc.) And yeah! Things are good, I am pleased to report.

Anyways, I might try updating this more..especially since I realized I only have a little over twenty entries, yet I've had this livejournal for..over two years? (wtf, I can still remember the night I made this..weird.) I will probably continue to use this for fandom rambles, as people I talk to in rl read my blogger and even if they know I am a fandomgeek, I feel awkward writing about it on there. Livejournal <3
Current Mood: sillysilly