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24 July 2011 @ 06:52 pm
I am so incredibly horrible at updating this journal ;____; tbh, I suck at updating all journals now. I usually only do so when I am complaining about something, which is just depressing! So we will talk about some happy things that have occurred since I last updated.

This year I took my first creative writing class and WOW. I actually found something that I love to do and actually would consider...using it for the rest of my life. Writing is amazing and I love it and...I think I'm pretty decent at it. There are a great many things that I do not have a handle on (developing characters and plots that don't suck, for instance) and I have yet to complete something longer than two paragraphs that I am actually proud of, but it's a start! I need to write more, as I have been pretty lazy about it as Summer has progressed. (Something quite distressing :|) This has also occurred with reading.

Dat transition! My goal this Summer was to read twenty books and I am failing miserably at succeeding. It's horrible and disappointing and I need to stop going out so much and then coming home and doing nothing other than sitting on youtube/reading fanfiction/rolling around on tumblr. LAME. So, there is something I have screwed up on this Summer. That didn't take long.

Oh my! The last time I updated this, my main fandom was lotrips. UH. IT'S BEEN A WHILE. /opens delicious. I think the main fandoms I have been involved in since then are The Social Network RPS (seriously, RPS has never weirded me out or made me uncomfortable. idgi idk), Eames/Arthur (Inception), and, now, X-Men. I HAVE ZERO REGRETS. I'm sure there have been more, smaller fandoms I have dabbled in, but those are the main three that have been consuming my life since the last update.

Friends and the like (real life):
Still best friends with Justin and Adrienne. Justin and I seem to be drifting lately, which makes me really, really upset. I know it's just because we haven't been hanging out and we haven't been hanging out because I'm STUPID and make plans with every single person who asks me to do something because I don't know how to say no. This, of course, is kind of messing with my home life as my parents are becoming irritated that I am never home (tbh, I have to agree with them. I really miss just sitting at home and hanging out. I need to work on that.) I have to start fixing things with Justin, because he is one of the best people I have ever known and I could not stand losing such a friendship. A new addition to the best friends pool has occurred though! Her name is Lindsey and she is amazing. She is basically my soulmate; we are involved in all the same fandoms and geek out about the same things. We have introduced each other to amazing things (I gave her LotR and good books; she gave me X-Men and Doctor Who!) and I cannot gush about her enough. She's just really awesome and I love her.

WOW HARRY POTTER I don't think I even really talk about HP in this journal which is just pathetic because Harry Potter takes up about 85% of my life, if not more. The end...I can't. I don't even know, oh my God. For one thing, the movie was amazing. idgaf what anyone says. I loved it with all my heart and cried every time I saw it. IT WAS AWESOMEEEE DUNFDNFUDNHFHUSDOIWS I can't even. I just really love Harry Potter.

Until next time (hopefully sooner) Livejournal.
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